2015 was a year filled with many great movies, some of which even managed to break records at the box office. And then there were some which left the crowd amazed. 'The Martian' was certainly one of them.

Ridley Scott is certainly a well-known director, famous for science-fiction films such as Aliens and Prometheus. And most recently, he brought the book ‘The Martian’ to life by brilliantly adapting it for the silver screen.

The film revolves around an astronaut named Mark Watney, who is a part of the Ares III crew on Mars responsible for understanding and analyzing the surface of the planet. However, in the course of a violent storm, he gets separated from his crew and is presumed dead, owing to which the crew leave the planet and head for Earth.

However, Mark survives the storm and uses his skills as a botanist to survive until help arrives.

From the directional point of view, the movie was definitely spot-on. It managed to keep the fans enthralled throughout the course of the film. The surroundings of Mars, the planet’s surface, and, most importantly -- the eerie loneliness of being alone on the planet was captured well on screen and really conveyed those feelings with an expert touch and detailed eye.

However, what makes ‘The Martian’ even more interesting is Mark’s wit and his will to survive on the foreign planet. Against all astronomical odds, he manages to survive on the planet, all by himself in a sane state of mind. Being alone all by yourself on a planet with no life can definitely take a toll on a man’s mindset, but Mark stayed strong and didn’t budge.

He had his sense of humor to keep him going, which we often see in the movie. In a way, it teaches all of us to stay strong and fight the odds to survive and emerge victorious.

The climax of the movie is particularly interesting, where he once again uses his ingenuity to become Iron Man in space and reach his crew, which happens to be a bit away from him.

Needless to mention, the visual effects were simply brilliant and this is definitely a must-watch movie.

Here's the official teaser trailer:

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