Yes, Netflix is killing it! A hit followed by another, the company has already created classics such as House of Cards, Narcos, and Jessica Jones. But, to keep it up, they are taking another swing at it and bringing back a classic from the days of old. But, instead of just running a new season of Full House, they’ve decided to create a whole new series: Fuller House.

The old series

Full House was about Danny Tanner, a recently widowed father who asks his two best friends to move in with him and help raise his kids.

A job well done over the years, the series was a great hit since the late 80’s and, after being syndicated, a great wonder all over the world.

Danny’s kids were three girls: D.J., Stephanie, and Michelle, and his friends were Jesse and Joey.

The newtv show

As DJ becomes a widow, she asks her sister Stephanie and best friend Kimmy to move in and help her raise her three children. Her late husband was Tommy.And, since the new show also takes place in San Francisco, we can expect a lot of visits from her father and friends who actually helped to raise her.Note that the same cast was chosen. The actual actors and actresses play the same role they played in their youth.

Michelle Tanner

Ashley and Mary Kate did not want to take part in this new production. Whether it'sbecause they've spent a long time away from acting, or because of incompatible schedules, they just could not get in this awesome get-together with the other guys. So, Michelle will not be seen in the series. It’s just said that she’s launching a fashion career in New York and is too busy because of that.

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It should also be noted that the writers and producers actually wanted Mary Kate and Ashley to be a part of the series; it was up to them to decline it. Not even Elizabeth Olsen was interested in playing Michelle, being asked to do so, just like her sisters.Even so, we hope to see any of them in a few special occasions, maybe even a guest appearance somewhere down the line.

Are you excited to see this update of a classic by Netflix?

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