A new episode of "Family Guy," titled "Scammed Yankees," aired last night and featured Lois Griffen's millionaire father, Carter Pewterschmidt, being defrauded out of $100,000 by a Nigerian prince. The scam happened through email and Peter was essentially to blame for the financial disaster. Peter assured Carter the right thing to do was send the money so that they could get one million dollars in return. Things get hot and heavy when Lois and her mother, Barbara, who left the two men at home to entertain and look after each other, return from the spa and find out what happened. Carter realizes his mistake when the scam is explained to him by Lois, who can't believe her father let Peter talk him into such a bad decision with his money.

Carter finds a moment of clarity and orders Peter to help him get his money back, taking him to Nigeria where they begin to seek out the email scam artist.

Brian exhibits some creepy behavior

Meanwhile Brian falls for Patty, one of Meg's high school friends, and Stewie calls him out for the creepy behavior. That doesn't stop him from trying to date Patty - much to the dismay of everyone, especially Meg. It's been a common plot line to make Brian shallow-minded and a bit of a degenerate when it comes to women and sex, but something about it this time felt, more than usual, a bit wrong and shameful. Perhaps the uncomfortable aspect of Brian's comedic performance in this episode was exactly what Seth MacFarlane wanted to portray to the viewers, even if it was a bit squeamish.

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"Family Guy" has never been a show to shy away from uncomfortable jokes and situations relating to Brian's sexual relations.

Carter and Peter come face to face with warlords

Things go awry for Peter and Carter, who eventually get imprisoned by warlords after arriving in Africa. When it comes to light that Carter was the man whose money built the village, he and Peter are released. Carter, being the cranky old man that he is, decides to have the village destroyed, because he can afford to do such ridiculous things. Lois shows up eventually and is somehow the voice of reason which prompts Carter to rethink his ways and refund the village so they can rebuild. Peter's only concern seems to be which credit card Lois used to buy her plane ticket. While it wasn't the worst episode of "Family Guy," it won't win any awards for being extraordinarily funny or entertaining. In fact, much of the episode was limping along from one gag to the next, hoping to just make it to the credits. With 6-10 episodes left this season there's still plenty of time left for Seth and his team of writers to spark a more creative Buzz with future installments.