A true classic of our time, Workaholics finally came back from hiatus and, in just two episodes, the television series has shown why it’s among our all-time favorites: great writing, acting, and directing in this awesome product is truly becoming the standard expectation, with this season promising to be the best yet.

This is a recap of the best of what’s happened, containing the least possible amount of spoilers.

True workaholics

Being a fan of this show since their first days, you probably would never imagine that they would actually work hard in their traditional job for even one episode, right?

Well, they proved all of us wrong.Being led by a highly “motivated” boss, the guys actually get high on sales and hit the phones so hard that they actually get a lot of work done. And, to top it off, they become high-profile members of their new workaholic work crew in their very first week.


Adam’s drug history

As they arrive in a Narcotics Anonymous meeting, Blake tries to list all of Adam’s previous drug experiences, remembering:

  • weed
  • beer
  • mushrooms
  • acid
  • ecstasy
  • Molly
  • Lean/Sizzurp

But he forgot one of the whole series’ best moments: in season 3's episode 19 entitled “In Line," Adam actually tries PCP and confuses the addicted people for zombies and runs away from them in what was probably that season’s best episode.

Blake’s altruism

Even being the nicest among the three, the judge asked when was the last time Blake did something for someone else, and he feels a bit guilty about it. Later, reuniting with his first theater teacher/inspiration, he helps the disgraced old man get back on stage. It goes just as expected (as well as any other production in which Blake took part).

Last, but not least, he says something we’re all thinking about: “Not everything has to be a remake."A brave saying in the era ofremakes and sequels.

Anders as a secret agent

One of Anders’ best episodes since the incident with “the Darkness."

As always, his “honorable citizen” looks make a good impression with people in power.

And, being the moron that he actually is, he confuses a judge’s order to go to an NA meeting with an opportunity to fight crime undercover.So, wearing shades, trying to impersonate an outlaw, and identifying himself as Shawnders, he goes around asking for contacts with dealers and general intel. Eventually, his act is found out by a big shot drug lord and he's brought in (they actually though he was a cop).

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