The American Pie moviesare undoubtedlya highpoint in the sex comedy niche. These movies, now numbering eight in total, have given audiences a lot to laugh about. Moreover, the fact that many of them (the three episodes in the original series, to be more specific) actuallyfocus attention onsome of the common problems which teenagers face in high school and in their lives, actually makes watching these movies worth your time on multiple levels.

In the original seriesthe mainprotagonist isJim Levenstein, who is trying to lose his virginity by developing a relationship with Czech exchange student Nadia.

However, over the course of the movieshis interest gradually shiftsfrom Nadia to his friend Michelle, whom he eventually ends up marrying. And of course he isn’t alone in this adventure. He shares it with a trusted group of companions, who are all facing the same challenges.

Characters you have to love

Among a varied cast of characters it is Jim’s father Noah who stands out from the pack. He is the only person who has appeared in all the movies of the franchise. Noah Levenstein is someone who could be described as the ultimatecool father, who perfectly understands the awkward phases suffered by teenagers and tries of sympathize with them. In addition to this he also gives some sound advice at times, about life and its highs and lows, which makes his character even cooler.

Another oddball worth mentioning is Steve Stifler, who appears in the original series and is responsible for much of the edgier humor. Do you remember your days in high school, where you had the one person who always loved to party? Well, Stifler along with his siblings and relatives falls squarely into that category.

In fact, in the third movie Steve almost ruins the wedding, but heroically saves it by making amends for his mistakes -and evolving as a person in the process.

These movies are bound to give you fits of laughter, along with a few and not-so-prolonged moments of ‘Aww’. Moreover, theyshould alsotake you back to your good old nostalgic school days.

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