After last season’s great cliffhanger, we’re faced with deeper plots and what could possibly be the last moments in this phase in the life of Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey). Not only because he’s away from his beloved ex-wife Claire Underwood (Robin Wright) and running a re-election campaign, but also because this is the last season with Beau Willimon as showrunner.

And, considering what we know about Frank and his desire to be President, there is no telling of what he could do to achieve this goal – and the consequences of that.

"Putting America Back on Track"

After the effort put in “America Works,"Frank is dedicating himself in a very peculiar campaign filled with hate speech and fear mongering. But considering the events involving the death of Zoe Barnes (Kate Mara), this campaign slogan might have a second meaning.

Counting on allies such as Doug Stamper (Michael Kelly), whose loyalty is unconditional, the only kind he accepts, Frank must deal with the fact that Claire, his greatest ally and source of strength, is not supporting his re-election and is away from the White House.

Despite his own feelings toward her, she decided to go, and besides missing her and having to fly solo for the first time in decades, he must also deal with the public reaction to a candidate who's going through a divorce, not being supported by his own wife. And, as you probably remember, he already had popularity issues during Season 3. Now, adding to this, Frank does what he knows best: he fights.

Claire versus Francis

From the very moment the first teaser started to come around, the internet went crazy with conspiracy theories. Even so, now that we actually have more information, a few have started to make a bit more sense.

Going after Claire seems to be Frank’s strategy to deal with the divorce issue. And, not being the underdog, Claire will most likely fight back, with as many weapons as is necessary.

How the fight will go on or end up is yet to be decided in the next season, but Claire is all too familiar with Frank’s greatest asset: Doug Stamper. So, it won’t be surprising at all if she decides to get Doug out of the equation. Not necessarily by killing, because that’s Frank’s game, but she might try to lure him toward her, or, most likely, just turn him away from Frank. Maybe even set him up to fall off the wagon.

Is Frank going to kill Claire?

In the last teaser, Frank is seen planting a tree for his campaign, but as Doug digs the dirt and he takes the shovel, we’re reminded of their way to make problems go away.

Just like Zoey and Peter Russo (Corey Stoll), Claire might become a great obstacle in Underwood’s path back to the Oval Office. So, there's a possibility that he actually goes on to take such a harsh step. And to remind us of Frank’s true nature, Netflix published this teaser:

Killing Claire would be the greatest ending for Willimon’s collaboration and would mark Frank’s new life. His political life was empowered by his father-in-law, and Claire has been his strongest support. Now, as a new man, completely independent, he would be ready for a new phase of his life as POTUS or would just completely fall from grace and lose everything.

House of Cards returns March 4th on Netflix.

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