January 27th is #ChocolateCakeDay. There are a few million people looking for reasons and ways to celebrate.

No Reason Needed to Eat Chocolate Cake

Seriously? Does anybody really need a reason to eat chocolate cake?

I am a bit slow on the uptake or I would have had a piece already this morning. I was out the door before the sun was up to go to a local grocery store to buy a piece of cake, a candle and a stuffed animal.

Cake + candle + stuffed animal = birthday.

Not only is it #ChocolateCakeDay it is also my little one's birthday.

No, I am not a deadbeat dad who forgot. We surprised her earlier this week with Death Star pinatas, musical chairs to the Star Wars theme, and a surprise visit by Sarah Palin, uh, Darth Vader. Both can be scary.

We wanted to celebrate today, too!

Instead of chocolate cake, I got some sort of French vanilla wet cake that I couldn't pronounce, nor did my daughter or wife want to eat! I sucked it up. Not the cake. My resolve. I ate the cake for breakfast. Somebody had to do it.

The cake was a bust so I have to think of something else to do on the actual day of her birthday.

Best Movies of All-time for a Birthday


Much like eating chocolate cake, who needs a reason to watch a movie?

What to watch on chocolate cake day? That is the question.

At the top of the list - with chocolate in the title

10 - Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.

I have found that 8-year olds don't mind going retro as much as their older siblings. My daughter and I love watching Andy Griffith reruns on Netflix.

Opie is the same age in season 3 as my daughter.

Or you can watch the remake -

9 - Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Not a Johnnie Depp fan? (I'm not either. But he is a good actor.)

Don't want to limit yourself to chocolate flicks? How about:

8 - Annie - What can be more fun to an 8-year old than watching an 8-year old.

7 - Old Yeller - this one can be a real downer. But it is a classic. And it opens up doors to a whole lot of could-watch movies.

6 - Wizard of Oz - We used to watch this ever year when I was growing up

5 -Princess Bride - Her older brother gave her this DVD for her birthday.

4 - Sound of Music - Don't watch this on a school night.

3 - Star Wars - You have 7 to pick from.

2 - My Neighbor Totoro - or anything else from the Gibli studios

#1 - Willow - My all-time favorite. The scene where Mad Mordigan was facing down an army on one side and a two-headed dragon on the other. Can't be topped ever.

What's your best picks for a movie on #chocolatecakeday? Let me know in the comments.

Do call me. I love chocolate cake.

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