The pop singer has surprised fans again with a very intriguing post. Justin Bieber has published on its Instagram account a photograph of a beautiful girl, late on Monday, December 7th. In the caption, he confessed he didn't know who the beauty was. "Omg who is this", Bieber wrote. The fans were excited about the publication as they wonder where he met the mysterious girl

The enchantment is easy to understand. The girl is in fact extremely pretty.

With full lips, light eyes and tanned skin, she presents similarities with some of the most beautiful supermodels in the world, such as the Russian Irina Shayk or the Brazilian Adriana Lima

But, did Bieber meet this girl in London?

Bieber has returned to Canada after a tour in the English capital, where he shone at the O2 Arena.


Supermodel Kendall Jenner was one of his most noted fans during the show and she has been supporting her 21 year-old friend. On returning from London, the singer of 'What do you mean' seems to have made it back with a new interest. However, it isn't known if he did meet the girl in person or if he's only delighted by her photos on Instagram.

The responses of the fans did not help

If he really didn't know who was the girl in the photo, after more than a million 'likes' and over one hundred thousand comments, it didn't get any better, for sure. Many fans even told Bieber they were the mysterious girl he's looking for. According to the Daily Mail, supported by the comments on Instagram, the girl could be Cindy Kimberly, who is quite popular in the social network. In her account on Instagram she has more than 127,000 followers, and she posts many photos and drawings of herself.

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Is Bieber trying to forget Selena?

The last few days were not easy for Bieber. After the singer's assumed that he's struggling to overcome Selena Gomez and she'll probably be the woman of his life, Justin saw his ex-girlfriend moving on with his great friend Niall Horan. Selena and Niall will be in the mood for romance and Justin is even more devastated because the One Direction singer is one of his best friends.

After a hard weekend, Justin might be in a mood to move on, as he was supported by Kendall Jenner in London and he seems to be back to Canada with a new interest.