Tom Hankswho is the voice-over of Woody – told that in a talk show that the popular animation movie’s works are in progress. In addition, the actor told an adorable anecdote as well.

Recently, Tom Hanks has been a guest in The Graham Norton Show where the showman asked him about one of his most popular works, his participation is Toy Story movies. The star, appearing with a quite bizarre hair colour and facial hair (blonde with a matching moustache), first of all told a cheerful anecdote how children react to Woody’s voice.

Last time, he was in an elevator with a small child and his mother, and when the mother told his son who their companion was, the little boy didn’t really catch it how that man could have been his favourite cowboy as he wasn’t wearing a hat or a vest, and wasn’t as tall as Woody.

So Hanks asked the boy to close his eyes and told one of the cowboy’s iconic lines that they had to get back to Andy’s room.

The little boy had perfectly been convinced, and the actor performed so well that watching the one minute long performance is definitely entertaining. In addition, the star has told some important information about the fourth episode of Toy Story which is to be released in the summer of 2018. During talking about the difficulties of voicing someone with a changed tone, he incidentally told that as well that they had already been working on the voice-overs of the animation movie (he will have to appear in the studio on 2nd December). But it has also turned out that Hanks was taking a risk by telling so much information.

Earlier, a reporter asked him whether there would be Toy Story 4, he answered yes, and a lawyer from Disney called him immediately. We hope he won’t have any problems because of this last interview as we are very happy for the news. If we consider how popular and acknowledged actor (probably he is one of the most well-known and richest ones of Hollywood), director, writerand producer Thomas Jeffrey Hanks is, his name grants the success of Toy Story 4.

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