The 19-year-old Tom Holland, the protagonist of the new Spiderman movie, which is to be released in the summer of 2017, allegedly has to deal with continuous electroshock besides the difficult gymnastic exercises. As it has already turned out from the earlier published acrobatic video, the boy is really dedicated, but according to his latest announcement, he had to fight with more difficult things than somersaults in order to impersonate the teenage Spiderman authentically.

Although, the shooting of the movie only starts in 2016, Holland started the physical preparation for the role a long time ago.

So he goes to the gym everyday where sometimes electrical harnesses are put on him and he has to perform the exercises while he is being shocked.

According to the actor, this is absolutely necessary and alright, and in addition, they do it under controlled circumstances. “It was a really strange experience. It’s like prickling,” Holland said about the creepy method, which he has to go through for twenty minutes once a week.

But luckily, the actor has more pleasant experiences about the preparation.

There is a piece of equipment called AirTrack in which he has to train. It resembles a huge bouncy castle, so it must be more fun than the electric harnesses.

In an interview released not long ago, Holland talked about how he could convince the producers to choose him. “On the record I sent for the casting, I started with a somersault, then I left the screen and did one more. I thought maybe they wouldn’t even watch it but if they do, they would know that I have some acrobatic talents,” the young star explained, who learned these things because of his role in the musical version of Billy Elliot.

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The producers probably watched the valuable video as at the end of the long selection process, after a shooting trial with Robert Downey Jr., they chose Tom Holland. And we can see how much the originally talented boy developed during the preparation even before the separate Spiderman movie, because he will have a supporting role in Captain America: Civil War which is to be released in May 2016.

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