Taylor Swift’s 26th birthday was combined with a fancy Christmas party as she celebrated with her boyfriend, Calvin Harris and her mom, Andrea. The party was held at Apple executive Jimmy Iovine’s home in Malibu with a winter theme, complete with live penguins and a sleighing hill covered in fake snow, as well as reindeer and a Mrs. Santa, and Santa’s grotto so the guests had lots to do and celebrate.


Apple exec Jimmy Iovine’s annual Christmas party this year just happened to fall on the same date as both his daughter Jessica and Taylor Swift’s birthdays so they were all combined, making it an extra special celebration.

Famous guests help celebrate Taylor Swift’s birthday

Since it was Taylor Swift’s birthday, the pop singer got a birthday cake and the people there sang “Happy Birthday” to her.


Among the guests at the bash were Gwen Stefani and country singer Blake Shelton, who one source said looked very cute together.

A video of the party was posted onto Snapchat with Swift, her boyfriend and DJ Snake cuddling with Santa Claus, and friend Jamie Iovine (Jim’s son) also put up a selfie with them, saying that Swift and Harris had adopted him, calling them mom and dad. By the looks of the photos and videos, it appeared everyone was having fun at the combined birthday and Christmas celebration.

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Swift to have new undertaking with Apple Music

In fact, the Grammy award-winning Swift announced she is going to team up with Apple and Jimmy Iovine for a new undertaking. There is going to be an upcoming release of the 1989 World Tour Live concert on Apple Music.

Swift thanked everyone on Twitter for all the birthday wishes she received from followers and announced the venture, including a small clip where she outlined her dreams for the upcoming tour.

In the clip she talks about wondering how it would feel to go on in front of 70,000 fans and what would happen if she invited famous artists to come on with her and if they would agree. The release date for the video is scheduled for December 20.

All in all, Taylor Swift and Jessica Iovine’s joint birthday, combined with a winter wonderland Christmas theme with all the trimmings, was a huge festive party for everyone who attended.


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