After long years, the promises of movies and new series, one of the greatest warriors of all time is back to TV. The samurai dubbed Jack (like the “Chavo del 8”) will return for anew season of his show. We do not know if this will conclude his saga, if he’ll really defeat Aku and return home, of even if the cartoon will continue the awesome artwork of old. But we do know that it’ll be awesome!

Jack is Back!

Adult Swim has announced Genndy Tartakovsky as producer. For those of you who don’t know this name, he’s the hands-on creator of the previous seasons.

And no, I’m not trolling you! I’ve got video proof of it.

So, trust me: the wait is over. We won! He’s back!

Samurai Jack’s new season production

Adult Swim has announced that production is already taking place in Cartoon Network’s studious. So, it’s for real and we might get some action in the first semester of 2016.

Background for those who don’t know Samurai Jack

The show is about a samurai, son to a lord of many lands. After the devilish Aku invades the land, Jack is taken away by his grandmother to be trained and eventually come back and free his land.

He did just that, excelling in every opportunity fate has given him. So, a proud young man wielding a magic sword, Samurai Jack fights his evil opponent.

A hard and tenacious battle is fought and jack clearly beats his enemy, but Aku, treacherous as always, tears open a portal in time and sends jack into the future, where Aku’s evil is Law. And so begins Jack’s saga to return to the past and undo the evil that is Aku.

The original series began airing in 2001, won 4 Emmys over 4 seasons. And even before the cancellation (only God knows the true reasons behind that, by the way…) we still saw Tartakovsky’s style in the 2002 version of The Clone Wars.

Universally acclaimed by fans and critic, Jack became a legend about a guy who suffered a true injustice but never gave up, never corrupted himself and never became what he fought.

A great lesson for many of us who had hard lives, studied like crazy and didn’t get the results we expected. And, he’s a main character for whom you are excited to cheer – something rare these days.

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