As the news has been going on for years, in 1977 under the pretext of a photo shoot, Polanski invited a young girl to the house of his friends, Jack Nicholson and Anjelica Huston, and then had sexual intercourse with her – the only problem was that the girl was only 13 years old.

He was arrested the following day, and then an agreement granted he didn’t have to go to prison, and he had a private arrangement with the victim as well. In spite of this, the American court sentenced him for rape, and wanted to take him to jail, so the panicked Polanski escaped to France.

The director has been living and working there since then, but the warrant for arrest is still valid. So he cannot visit the USA, because he would immediately be arrested, and they are trying to make extradition agreements with other countries. This happened in 2009 as well, when he was on his way to the Zürich Film Festival to receive his Lifetime Achievement Award, and the Swiss policemen arrested him at the airport.

They let him go nine months later, but he had to finish his film titled The Ghost Writer in jail and under house arrest.

Since then he has really been paying attention to shoot in only those countries which don’t have extradition agreements with the USA. During the years it came up several times that he would go back to his homeland, Poland, to shoot a film, but there is the possibility of being arrested and extradited to the USA.

The 82-year-old director was interrogated by the Polish authorities when he went home for the opening of a Jewish museum in Warsaw. That time they said that if there was a concrete request from America, maybe they would extradite him, but until that he would be free.

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This case has been closed as a court in Krakow, based on the examination of the available evidences, decided to refuse extraditing Polanski to the American prosecutor’s office.

So from now on Polanski can freely visit Poland and work there – if he wants to he can even move home. There will be a movie about the Dreyfus-case and is based on the novel of Robert Harris titled An Officer and a Spy. Although the filming location is in Poland, according to the plans, it will be an international coproduction with a French director (Robert Benmussa) and with British and American actors in the main roles.

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