Nicki Minaj, 33, known as the Anaconda rapper, went into a defensive mode December 11 when a series of Twitter tweets became sexist, suggesting that the only reason she is famous was due to her well-known “behind.”

The discussion took place after a website called Bossip began a discussion on Twitter on female rappers and how there was a lack of them in the industry. One of the people in the discussion made a reference to the fact that women were all visual in nature and didn’t care if a rapper could sing if they had a behind like Nicki Minaj.

Nicki Minaj then shot back that it was comical to undermine her skill and diversity.

She told them that if a male rapper was on tracks with other rappers like Wayne, Eminem, Jay or Kayne then he would also be called great, and that they were just jealous of her fame.

Nicki Minaj in news for more than just her butt

However, Minaj had more to do this week than fight with Twitter tweeters about her butt, as she was making headlines for testifying on the behalf of boyfriend, Meek Mill, who was in trouble for violating his parole.

In 2008, Mill, 28, was convicted of gun possession and drug dealing and was sentenced to five years’ probation in 2009 after he served eight months in jail. However, he violated that probation in 2014, and ended up spending six more months in a jail cell.

Minaj’s boyfriend in trouble again for violating parole

This time Mill is in trouble for violating his current parole by taking Minaj to the American Awards Show in Los Angeles, and the singer doesn’t want him to go back to jail. She says she is committed to Mills and wants to support him, and rumors say the two are even discussing the possibility of getting married.

So, this week Minaj testified before a criminal court judge to tell them she plans to help Mill obey his parole terms. She told the judge that she and Mill are living together, and that she believes she can hold more influence over Mill than his parole officer. Nicki Minaj also told them that although her boyfriend doesn’t have a lot of structure, and that he was irresponsible, that she has been working on that and helping him be an adult, and vowed to keep him out of jail.

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