As always, there was a so-called carpool karaoke in the show when the host takes his actual guests for a ride during which the particular performer’s songs are being listened to.

Now, for the pleasure of fans, One Direction’s members were invited, so Niall Horan set next to James Coren, while Liam Payne, Harry Styles, and Louis Tomlinson were in the backseat. Just like old friends, the guys greeted the host cheerfully, and their adventure began.The first song was 1D’s hit from 2011 titled What Makes You Beautiful. Then the crew noticed a fan who was following them, whom Liam had already seen several times.

The lady was very happy to see the guys in the car next to hers.

Isn’t it a bit frightening that people know where you live?” – James asked. Louis answered the question. “I remember tweeting it a few weeks ago that there’s nothing worse than realising in the morning that you cannot drink a tea because you have run out of milk. An hour later I watched out of the window, when someone started to ring the doorbell. As I opened the door, I saw a woman, who said: I have brought you some milk.I stuttered: "Oh, thanks” – the singer remembered.

Corden started to joke that he should try it with a winning lottery ticket, who knows, maybe it would also work. And then, the band started to sing again, in addition, the host taught them choreographies as well, and tried to persuade them to think about taking a few days off from work, but they didn’t approve of the idea.

In order to make the atmosphere even better, and of course, to find out what millions of fans also want to know, he challenged Niall Horan. It was a game in which he had to answer three questions about three Celebrities chosen by Coren: whom he would sleep with, whom he would marry, and whom he would go on a cruise with without having sex.

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The three ladies were Demi Lovato, Selena Gomez and Tina Feyvolt. But Niall could decide quite easily: he would sleep with Tina, marry Selena, and go on a friendly voyage with Demi.

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