The new Star Wars: The Force Awakens movie is about to hit movie theaters December 18. The movie brings with it new characters, as well as new kinds of toys and merchandise for both girls and boys. The movie hasn’t even been released, yet fans of all ages are already grabbing up toys and other merchandise emblazoned with images or somehow made to resemble the new droids, weapons, ships, and characters of the new Star Wars movie.

Some of the new characters in the new Star Wars movie being made into toys and other items is the new heroine Rey and her arch enemy Captain Phasma.

Plus, the old standbys of Han Solo or Luke Skywalker are still popular. In fact, revenue from the new movie and its resulting marketing could hit $5 billion or more in sales, according to some predictions.

New Star Wars items being branded more to girls and women this time

In the past, there were accusations that not much of the Star Wars merchandise was geared to women or girls, however, this time around it appears that more items are being created for girls and women for the Star Wars: The Force Awakens movie.

The line of new merchandise has been opened up to include things like jewelry, makeup, purses, etc., in an area that in the past has sold more boy-oriented merchandise.

One of the reasons is that the new movie features a very formidable heroine in the character, Rey, and this is expected to boost marketing to female buyers. While not much is known about Rey as yet, since creators want to surprise movie goers on the 18th, she has been shown in a land speeder, fighting with a staff weapon, and helping her male allies get up off the ground. Already, it has been reported that merchandise featuring Rey is selling out quickly.

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Merchandisers trying to create more gender-neutral Star Wars

Disney is said to be making a real effort to target more gender neutral Star Wars merchandise in an area where it can be hard to know how to set up toy displays in stores to make everyone happy. Some stores segregate toys by gender, which makes things harder for toy companies trying to be more gender neutral. Additionally, some stores want to hold back Rey merchandise to not give away the new movie’s plot line.

Expect to see more merchandise for the new Star Wars movie targeted for women and girls, but there will also be male-oriented merchandise, as well as gender-neutral merchandise for sale, especially after the movie is released on December 18.

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