Gun violence is something that has touched thousands of people in the US and its impact has been felt by several star NBA players, as well as director Spike Lee. Spike Lee and the NBA have teamed up to create a public service announcement (PSA) against gun violence. The players involved include Steph Curry, Chris Paul, Joakim Noah, and Carmelo Anthony.

The PSA will feature 35 survivors of gun violence, along with other stories involving violence involving guns in urban societies. It will also include information on some of the mass shootings, such as occurred in Newtown, Connecticut, Aurora, Colorado and Tucson, Arizona.

It ends with the survivors of gun incidents reciting a message that tells viewers that 88 people are killed in gun incidents in the US every day.

Players think of their own children, worry about gun violence

Curry says that hearing about a girl who was just three-years old getting shot and killed made him think of Riley, his own daughter. Paul also thinks about his two kids and family, and Noah is trying to lower the gun issues in the Chicago area, while Anthony is said to be very open regarding similar violence he witnessed as a child.

Calling for an end to the violence of guns, the PSA is directed by Spike Lee and will debut on Christmas Day. The PSA will also feature the song, “Rise Up” with Andra Day. The PSA is a partnership between and the NBA.

Group is working together to make America safer

Everytown for Gun Safety is a group of Americans who are working together to get rid of gun problems and make their communities safer.

The group says they are proud to be part of the NBA and Spike Lee collaboration to bring out the American stories on gun crimes and get others together to help talk about the issue.

Its president, John Feinblatt, says that the partnership shows that there are many kinds of people willing to get together, speak out and become part of the movement, which is growing every day.

Spike Lee has also partnered up with the NBPA, as well as ESPN and former NYC mayor Michael Bloomberg to produce other commercials on gun violence and all will run during the NBA games on Christmas day, which have a main message that such a problem as this can touch any and every one, no matter who they are.

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