On Saturday, the private plane that had on board Morgan Freeman78, caused a major scare both to riders and all fans of the great actor. During the maneuvers of take off, on the Tunica Airport from Clarksdale, Mississippi, one of the tires exploded – but due to the experience of the pilot, nobody got hurt.

The accident that happened on Saturday might be considered a test for the actor, who went to Texas to film scenes for "The story of God", a religious-themed series that might be released in 2016.

According to the actor, the accident was kept in check by the pilot, Jimmy Hobson, who successfully brought the plane to the ground, avoiding a tragedy. Although the actor who was the only passenger aboard the aircraft, escaping without any scratch, the same cannot be said about the plane. It has been heavily damaged in the aftermath of the unexpected incident. We still don't know the causes of the accident.

Unfortunately, it is not the first time the actor scares his life-long fans. In 2008, while returning home to Mississippi, Morgan Freeman has seen death with his own eyes. The actor was then involved in a road accident that nearly killed him. Fortunately for the fans and for the cinematography, he escaped with just a few fractured bones.

Morgan Freeman, loved film directornarrator and American actor, appeared in the film industry of the 1990s, being known especially after the age of 50, through a series of successful films produced in Hollywood.

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Among the major roles that the actor received, there are also some well-known films such as: Robin Hood: Prince of ThievesSe7enMillion dollar baby, which granted him an Oscar for the Best Supporting Actor, InvictusTranscendeceLucy.These are just a few of the movies in which Morgan Freeman has proved his qualities.

Therefore, we can say that the accident that happened on Saturday was minor, and that despite the emotions and the misfortune, Morgan Freeman rapidly passed over, and was transported with another plane, that took him safely to his destination.

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