The search for a missing movie producer has come to a halt as Eric Kohler is found alive in La Paz, Mexico. Police confirmed the Hollywood visual effects producer was apparently living in Mexico. Officials are saying that Kohler is now considered to be a voluntary missing person based on their findings as the producer was apparently in Mexico of his own volition. There was no other information on why he went there or why he has not returned or contacted friends or relatives regarding his missing status.

Eric Kohler is found alive after last seen leaving his office in Gardena, California, about 3:30 p.m.

on Tuesday, November 24th, and reportedly didn’t come home by Thanksgiving. When he didn’t return home he was reported missing and it prompted friends and family to search for him through the hashtag #FindKohler on Twitter and other social media. He was spotted in a Food 4 Less grocery store security video shortly after he left the office. He was missing for 10 days before being located in La Paz. He had last been seen driving his black Range Rover, license plate 7KIM941, wearing a light blue shirt with short sleeves, along with skinny jeans and brown suede shoes.

Family members don’t believe news that Eric Kohler is found alive

Family members have been concerned about Kohler’s safety because they said he normally never missed going to work and had a major project that he was working on.

It was also reported that he left his wallet and other personal items at work.

Since he has been spotted, detectives say they could close the case, but police officials say they are not closing the case at this time. They state he won’t face any criminal charges when he comes back to his home in California.

Kohler’s sister posted to her Facebook page that the family believes the photos that show that Eric Kohler is found alive to be a hoax.

La Paz resident shares information on Kohler with media

A resident of La Paz reportedly saw Kohler on Thursday and took pictures of the producer and gave it to the media.

Carlos Ivan Baez Navarro was interviewed by the media and told them he had seen and talked to Kohler, who verified his identity, but said he didn’t want to be found.

Kohler is known for his work on Hollywood films such as San Andreas, as well as Goosebumps, the popular Marvel’s The Avengers and also X-Men: Days of Future Past.

If anyone has any other information on Kohler and wants to call the LAPD concerning the case, they can be reached at the LAPD Missing Person Unit at 213-996-1800 or tips can be received after working hours at the LAPD RACR Division at 213-484-6700. Even with the news that Eric Kohler is found alive, the LAPD and his family would like better confirmation and to hear directly from him.

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