Mark Wahlberg, 44, and Will Ferrell, 48, star in the new movie, Daddy’s Home, where Wahlberg will play a hot dad who has to compete with his children’s stepfather, played by Ferrell. In Daddy’s Home, Wahlberg shows off by doing one-arm pullups, which he says took lots of angles to film, and did hundreds of them a day.

However, the truth was that someone was helping Wahlberg to do those one-arm pullups, but in the movie his character is supposed to be very strong, so it had to look like he was doing them with little or no effort in Daddy’s Home.

Daddy’s Home to start on Christmas Day in theaters

Wahlberg and Ferrell’s movie will start showing in theaters on Christmas Day, December 25. Their co-stars in the film include actress Linda Cardellini, as well as Hannibal Buress, actor Thomas Haden Church and actor Bobby Cannavale.

The main plot of the film is that mild mannered Ferrell wants to be the best possible stepfather for his two kids, but then the real dad, played by Wahlberg, shows up. Wahlberg is supposed to be a shady character who is a freeloader, but loves his kids, and the two men compete for the kid’s affection.

Two dads competing leads to hilarity

Both men keep doing all they can for the kids to like them, including buying them puppies and even a pony, to keep up the rivalry. Some of the movie highlights include Wahlberg’s character meeting the in-laws, and trying to get at ease with Ferrell’s character, but has a hard time with it.

The men compete in all kinds of ways to win the kids’ love with everything from household chores, fixing things, to fighting, and more.

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It’s a comedy made out of a real life scenario with a devoted stepfather and a super dad both wanting their kids’ affection.

Wahlberg also has other films in the making, as Deepwater Horizon is now in post-production, and Patriot’s Day is also beginning the early stages of the film. Deep Horizon is based on a drilling rig of that name that caused an oil spill in April 2010.

If you are looking for a great comedy to see on Christmas Day, get out and see Daddy’s Home, a cute comedy staring Mark Wahlberg and Will Ferrell.

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