Kylie Jenner (18) is considering getting a restraining order to deter a crazy fan who has been trying to break into her home. The man has tried to get into the house 10 times so far, and is said to have broken out of a psychiatric ward. The Los Angeles police are telling her to get a restraining orderJenner is beefing up her security precautions, especially after the man was arrested Christmas Eve because he was trespassing on her property. Law officials have told Jenner if she has a restraining order, it will be possible to have the man held on a three-day hold if he breaks in again.


Restraining order needed to protect Jenner, family

The man has reportedly said he keeps breaking into Jenner’s home because he believes the two of them are soulmates. He has tried to fight his way past the gates in the closed gate community where she lives. When he was arrested, the man was said to have escaped from a psychiatric hospital. The LA police took him back to the hospital, but could only hold him for 72 hours, and that's why Jenner was told to get a restraining order against him.


Other star problems with break-ins, restraining orders

Jenner is not the only celebrity having issues with people they are trying to keep out of their homes. This past April, Pamela Anderson of “Bay Watch” got a second restraining order against Rick Salomon, her soon to be ex. Salomon was reportedly harassing the kids and saying he was going to steal their car. The judge granted the protective order and it's good for three years to keep Salomon away from her.

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Pop singer Taylor Swift got a protective order in March 2014 as well, to protect herself from a crazy fan who threatened to kill her, saying no one would ruin his so-called marriage to Swift, though the two are not married or even connected to one another.

The life of a celebrity can sometimes bring out the craziness in fans, and the life of Kim Kardashian’s sister, Kylie Jenner is no exception. It's clear that some people seriously need professional help, and unfortunate that Celebrities like Jenner and others are targeted by these individuals.

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