BabySaint Westwas born just over a week ago, but in the house of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, things haven't been going well. According to some sources close to the famous family, the couple are fighting all the time. If before the delivery, the rapper Kanye was accepting all impositions dictated by hiswife, things have changed with the arrival of Saint West, their second child.

Apparently, the couple cannotreach an agreement about havinganother child. Kanye who often acceptshis wife's demands,is showing some signs that all may not be well on that front

Kim wants Kanye to have a vasectomy

The moment should be of great happiness with the arrival of another baby to theKardashian-West family. But, allegedly, Kim and Kanye are upset and cannot stop arguing.

Kim suffered more in this second pregnancy, and the socialite does not seem to forget the hard days she lived in recent months.

So Kim decided she did not want more children after North and Saint. The problem is that the decision seems to be more of her own than acouple's decision, and Kanye would also have a say (to possibly reject Kim'srequest).The rapper denied redundantly and according to whatasource told Radar he is not even willing to do any surgery that is not required for an health reason. “Kanye told Kim that he needs his sperm and that he would feel like less of a man if he went and had that procedure done,” the insider claimed.

Kanye shows up completely against unnecessary surgery, especially after his 58 year-old mother died following a cosmetic surgery.

Overall, Kanye is feeling"very frustrated" with the lack of more intimate moments with his wife. Kim may even be very comfortable with her nakedbody, but not when she gainsextra weight, but now, the TVstar refuses to undress in front of her husband. Kim has beeninsecure with herfuller shape, and Kanye -- who respected her in the early days -- is no longer able to hide his frustration in terms of this lack of affection that has befallen the couple during this trying time.

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