Let us tell you a fairytale in which Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid were the Fairy Godmothers. There’s a man named John Economou from Milwaukee, who travelled to California in order to make his dream of becoming a model true.The man has ambitious dreams, but as usual, his expectations didn’t meet reality. He ran out of money, and after a short period of time, without a permanent home he had to live on the street where he spent his days skateboarding.

But John didn’t give up hope, he knew and felt that he deserved a better life, so he didn’t spend any time feeling sorry for himself.

During the day he was skateboarding on the streets, and he slept at the sandy beach at night. The same happened on the day when the two beauties, Kendall and Gigi noticed him. The girls went to the beach to shoot a commercial with Ansel Elgort. When they saw the young man at the beach, they all agreed that he should be in the commercial.

One of the girls came to me and said that I was cute. That’s how our conversation started. When we started to talk, I didn’t recognize them, I figured out who they were only later. We were chatting for quite long, then they said I should also be a model here, in Los Angeles” – John remembered.

Kendall – proving that she was serious – talked to Two Management, an agency that deals with her career too, and recommended the homeless the man. Her choice seemed to be good as the awaited miracle happened, and the rest is history.Even though John hasn’t met the girls since then, he thinks of the brunette beauty with pleasure, whom he can thank for his newfound career. He is proud of the fact that his luck changed because of Kendall, the girl who kept her promise and made his dreams come true.

“The whole story is unbelievable. I’m extremely grateful. I was in the right place at the right time. Kendall is fantastic: she has both feet on the ground and is very cool. I would like thank them, as they are the reason why I can be here and be who I am now” – Ecomomou said of his recent success.

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