The Constantine fans are persistent, and it seems the character as well. After several campaigns for the return of the series, John Constantine stake in Arrow and a new petition, a rumor realize that the character of Matt Ryan can win a regular participation in the second season of Legends of Tomorrow.

Legends of Tomorrow will only premiere next year but there’s already a lot of buzz around the show.The CW project will focus on Rip Hunter as he travels through time to form a group of superheroes capable of stopping the villain Vandal Savager. The premise of the show will be lauched in next week’s Arrow/The Flash crossover and will regularly premiere on Thursday, January 21.

Legends of Tomorrow first trailer was released last week and you can watch it here

Taking the success of other DC shows for example, CW has plans for more than just the first season of Legends of Tomorrow. According to the website Bleeding Cool, just like in a Justice League Unlimited cartoon’s style, the characters and missions on the show will drastically change each year – and that the plan is for John Constantine be a regular on the second year of the show.

Even though we can’t say for sure who is going to play that part, it’s almost certain that Matt Ryan will be the name chosen. The actor first played the antihero on Constantine, aired on NBC, that got cancelled early this year – and reprised the role on Arrow recently.

This comes as great news to both the actor and the fans, that couldn’t get over Constantine getting cancelled after just 13 episodes. “It’s crazy. They’ve been some of the most amazing fans. Even now they’re hashtagging #BringBackConstantine. It’s a shame we weren’t able to find a home for the show.

Those cult fans, they’re hardcore, you know. I love them. They’re so loyal. Just putting the trench coat on for Arrow, it did kind of sadden me a little bit. There are 300 issues of that comic book, and there are so many great stories to tell. We were just getting started”, said Ryan early this year.

Still, according to this source, Steven R McQueen – who was set to make an appearance on Arrow this year but it never happened – is in talks to play a hero on the second season.

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