The twenty-five year old actress told details in a talk show about her very first sex scene in a movie, which was shot with Chris Pratt. Besides this, the star talked about her private life and love life as well.

Last month, Jennifer Lawrence talked to The Hollywood Reporter about her experience shooting the sci-fi film Passengers. In it, Lawrence has a sex scene with co-star and fellow Hollywood lead actor Chris PrattThe actress said that she had found the whole situation very bizarre, and she had to get “very, very drunk" before shooting.

Kissing a married man was the most bothering thing for Jennifer Lawrence, and she has never done that before.

The star revealed new exciting details about the mentioned scene in a talk show titled Late Night with Seth Meyers. She was worried for several reasons besides the above-mentioned one, and she was afraid to seem too enthusiastic during the scene.

You can never know what’s appropriate in a sex scene. Is that enough?

Or is that just too much? This is my worst nightmare. They might think oh, Jennifer, what do you think?” – the actress joked. It was very funny when she called herself a “predator” for having done her career’s very first sex scene.

Besides the world of films, her private life was also a topic in the talk show. The actress said that she had been in love with the host of the talk show, Seth Meyers, whom she was talking to, a few years ago, and she told a cheerful anecdote about it.

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“When I was invited to Saturday Night Live, you were working there that time, and I was in love with you. I kept saying to myself that you would invite me for a date that day.” Then, time was flying by, and I thought, okay, I’ll call you. I was totally sure that I would do it. Then fortunately, I told my plan to the stylist and she replied: oh, honey, Seth has been engaged." 

With the Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part Two already wrapped and released, expect to catch Lawrence in the David O.

Russell-directed film Joy (alongside fellow Silver Linings Playbook co-stars Bradley Cooper and Robert De Niro).

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