Shock jock Howard Stern's deal with Sirius XM means his show will air on satellite radio for at least five more years. The deal will ensure that The Howard Stern Show continues to air with the same format, which broadcasts live four hours a day every morning and offersreplays online.

The Howard Stern deal also includes a 12-year licensing arrangementbetween Stern's production company and Sirius XM, who willwork together to create a new video streaming app which uses material from Stern’s 30-year career archives of past performances and shows. There will also be a video component, and plans for it will be provided at a later date.

Financial part of Howard Stern deal not announced

The financial part of the terms for the new contract for The Howard Stern Show were not announced, according to Patrick Reilly, a spokesman for Sirius XM radio. During the past five years, Stern has received $80 million dollars a year, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

After the announcement of the new contract, Sirius XM stock went up three percent and each stock goes for $4.12. With Stern’s show being so popular, stock from Sirius was one of the most actively traded during morning stock market activities, and it is estimated around 19 million shares of stock changed hands.

Stern no longer judge on America’s Got Talent

In 2006, Stern, 62, launched two of his own satellite radio channels and this past June he told fans he wouldn’t be a judge on the NBC America’s Got Talent program.

Back in 2006, no one knew how popular satellite radio would become, and since then it has attracted more than 29 million subscribers.

There had been worries that Stern would leave satellite radio in favor ofInternet radio, but those fears were relieved after the announcement of this new five-year contract.

Stern a top money maker on American radio

Stern is one of the top money makers on American radio even nearly 10 years after he left broadcast radio. His satellite radio show will turn 10 years old in January. Stern left broadcast radio so he could get away from federal regulations and advertisers, and had considered leaving satellite radio for Internet radio, but decided against it and is sticking with Sirius XM radio for at least the next five years, after the Howard Stern deal was signed this week.

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