The story of Keanu Reeves began in 1999, when he played the role of his life in the Matrix Trilogy. The role that made him famous worldwide at the age of 34, brought besides the advantages of celebrity, plenty of problems over which the actor has apparently passed successfully.

While in the Matrix Reeves seems to be an invincible hero, life prepared him a role that was difficult. His life has been difficult since the tender age of three, when his father left him and his sister, Kim. They remained in the care of the mother who was forced to move from town to town in order to ensure a decent living and an education that took place in the framework of four different schools.

His high school years challenging due to dyslexia, something he has subsequently overcome.

The years passed, but life had not ceased to challenget him. In 1993, his best friend, River Phoenix, died after an overdose. Deeply affected by the sudden disappearance of the man who was like a brother for him, Keanu continues to cherish him in his heart, and unable to hide his wounds, is nicknamed "Sad Keanu."

A splash of colour in an otherwise grey sky appeared in 1998, when he met Jennifer Syme. The fruit of love between the two was taken too early.

The highly anticipated birth of their first child, a daughter, ended when the newborn died at birth, which triggered the breakup of the couple. Tragedy continued to appear in Reeves's life a year later, when he was forced to bury his ex-girlfriend, Jennifer Syme, who lost her life in a road accident, with antidepressants later found in her car.

Despite the difficult livelihood, Keanu keeps his humanity, being considered the most decent and nice man in Hollywood.

Reeves has never put an emphasis on the material side of life, being known for having offered $80 millionto the team of special effects and makeup, just to repay them for theirs efforts for the realization of the film Matrix. Moreover, he has doanted a great deal of money to some charitable organizations. For him money represents just a way of surviving.

Currently, Reeves is a great family man, taking care of his mother and sister, who is ill with leukemia.

He remains motivated to help out as much as possible the people around him or making donations to organizations that help cancer patients, research centers and hospitals. Keanu Reeves doesn't seem to be a Hollywood star, but rather is a simple man, who despite the difficulties, succeeded to appreciate the small joys of life.

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