As everybody knows, One Direction is going on a two year hiatus. And it leaves all of us wondering what five of the world’s most successful young people will do for the few years to come. Interviews were given, speculations were made and rumors started to float around. Eventually, we’ve heard about the many possibilities for the five of them.

Rumor had it that Harry Styles would be joining a Pixar movie or in other cinematographic possibilities, but he denied it. Alas, he did not break any hopes about possibilities, just said he did not know about any project like this going on! And the media is all over the possibility he’s going to join a TV series.

Scream Queens

The series would be Scream Queens. It’s a comic horror story about girls in a sorority. And, for better or worse, it’s a very different series from everything else on TV these days. So, bound to be a success, it struggled with TV ratings, but amassed over 7 million viewers on digital platforms.

Being a horror story, we can expect gruesome deaths and really unexpected situations to cultivate an atmosphere of fun and fear.

Bieber and Styles on TV

Ryan Murphy, series creator, talked about the second season and promised a pop sensation to join the cast over next year. He said: "So, fans eagerly got up on the web and made all sorts of divinations to find out who it might be. And with news of awesome universally acclaimed immortal stars working on TV shows, we eventually got Harry Styles as the most likely star to be on Scream Queens in 2016!!!"

Of course, Murphy’s words were purposefully vague, which led international blogs all over the Internet to actually speculate if it would be none other than Justin Bieber to be on Scream Queens.

Gossip came and went, and, since the scripts are not done yet, you can actually find pools and votes to try to get them both on the series’ second season. It could be just more Internet gossip, fan’s hopes and dreams, but if it actually comes to fruition, we can count on it to be one of television’s greatest moments ever!

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