So far the only thing we could know has been that the actor was injured during the shooting of The Force Awakens, but now he showed how unpleasant the incident was for him.

Harrison Ford, the actor who plays the iconicHan Solo in the franchise was a guest onThe Tonight Show withJimmy Fallon. Of course, the actor was asked about the upcoming movie, Star Wars: The Force Awakens as well.

As we could hear a lot about it earlier, the actor’s leg was injured during the shooting of the seventh episode of Star Wars.

The showman asked him about it, but remembered the details wrong. “Something fell on your foot, right?” – the showman asked. And the actor corrected his words the following way: “They closed a f*c*ing door on me!” By the way he mentioned that the door was a part of the Millenium Falcon.

And Fallon grabbed a Han Solo doll and handed it over to the star in order to make him reconstruct the happenings by using that figure.

But the host had to be corrected again as not Ford’s right but left ankle was injured in the accident. As the star said, his right leg had been injured in a plane crash earlier. The actor tried to show the accident’s accurately while trying to bend the figure's ankle -- resulting in him completely ripping off the mentioned body part.

The star was so enthusiastic about the illustration of his accident that he deprived the little Han Solo from both of its ankles and pants, too, and in addition, in the end there seemed to be some problem with its hand as well.

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The cheerful atmosphere was grounded when Harrison Ford swallowed the water prepared for him down the wrong pipe, and he said that it was because mentioning the name of the director of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, J.J. Abrams, made him laugh. Of course, this scene had to be replayed in an extreme way. The star is known as a good-humoured man so the spontaneous fun was not surprising at all. This is the sort of tomfoolery one might expect, even from a distinguished industry veteran and silver screen legend like Ford.

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