Are you a little sick of all that fake-cheerful music in the shopping malls? Tired of going out there in the traffic when you don’t have to? Need a little bit of light entertainment? Each year the Hallmark Channel produces a batch of feel-good Christmas movies that begin in early winter and run straight through until just a few days before the holiday.

These movies usually transport you to a place where there is a chill in the air but not enough that it can’t snow. There’s a romance about to blossom or someone finds the true meaning of the holidays in a tasteful setting and somehow the ending is almost always happy.

So grab a glass of wine or your favorite drink, get some popcorn and a comforter. These are the remaining Hallmark Channels movies for 2015.

On the Twelfth Day of Christmas

Who has time for this? Apparently the heroine (Brooke Nevin) of this movie (premiering December 11) does when she finds out that the man (Robin Dunne) she’s long had a crush has lost his taste for Christmas. So she creates 12 gifts for him that help him to get the old Xmas spirit back. Of course, while he’s doing this, our heroine also knows that she is constantly on his mind as well (very sneaky).

So will he realize he has still has some fondness for the holidays as well as feelings for her? We already know the answer to this, however, it’s fun to watch the mishaps along the way.

Christmas Land

Marcia, Marcia, Marcia! Maureen McCormick has come a long way since her Brady Bunch days but she’s still working it in this Hallmark piece (premiering December 13) about a woman who inherits a Christmas tree farm from her grandmother. Grateful for the inheritance, Jules (McCormick) is planning on selling it and using the money from the sale to buy herself a home in the city.

While staying there to clean up the place and find a buyer, she starts to fall in love with the area as she meets people who have a love for the farm and its familiar presence. Still, Jules is not hooked on it until she realizes what she and they can lose if the farm gets into the wrong hands.

This one is a bit overly sentimental but then what better time to be that way than this time of year?

Dashing Through the Snow

Those who don’t really do old-fashioned romance novels in print or online probably won’t know who Debbie Macomber is. But for those who do, she’s a mainstream, best-selling novelist whose books have sold only a gazillion copies and one of those, Cedar Cove, is now a hit series for the channel starring Andie McDowell and Dylan O’Neal.

Dashing Through the Snow (also premiering December 13) is based on another of her novels with a, you guessed it, Christmas theme. A grad student (Ashley Davison) anxious to spend the holidays with her family in Seattle and a man also anxious to get to Seattle because of a job interview, meet cute when they find there are no available flights and decide to share a car and drive.

Pretty soon, in rom-com fashion they find there are to be many detours. Will they fall in love at the end of this little adventure? I’d bet good money on it.

A Christmas Melody

If all you want for Christmas is Mariah Carey, you will get her in this delightful romp that she stars in as well as directs. The movie also stars Lacy Chabert (formerly of Mean Girls) as a divorced woman who moves from New York back to the Ohio house her parent’s once lived in. She’s a mom and soon runs into her old high school nemesis (played by Carey) who is now president of the Parent and Teacher’s Association (PTA) at her daughter’s school. Sparks don’t ensue. They fly.

However, since this is Hallmark, the divorcee and her young daughter’s struggles are eased by a resident handsome hunk (Brennan Elliot of Hallmark Channel’s original series, Cedar Cove) and by a friendly owner of a local coffee shop (Kathy Najimy, of HBO’s Veep).

Expect a bit melody in Christmas Melody with Carey aboard.

Melody is the last of the holiday-themed movies, debuting December 19.

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