PBS is saying farewell to Downton Abbey, as the show’s final season begins on Sunday, January 3. Not only is this year a farewell to Downton Abbey, cast members say that the look of the program will change this season to show what happened during the economic crisis of the Great Depression.

Producers say it’s not easy to wrap things up and say farewell to Downton Abbey, especially since it has dozens of characters, but they say that it will be done very well.

In order to show the economic decline, viewers will start to see things like less servants as the series plays out, and one view of Carson (played by Jim Carter) closing a door to a room he won’t be staying in anymore.


Several changes expected during Farewell to Downton Abbey

Viewers are said also to expect some changes as they watch this last season of the popular show, as some of the things held to be true will be different. For instance, Carson tells Lord Robert Crawley (played by Hugh Bonneville) that the estate started with six footmen and five kitchen maids, and now there will be just two.

Things are expected to keep happening that will remind viewers of the passage of time for the characters that viewers have grown to love. Season Six has already been shown in the UK, and starts Sunday in the States on Masterpiece on PBS. As the season opens, things will start to unravel in the lives of the characters on the show, that originally began September 2010.

Show gained popularity from five to 10 million viewers

After it began that September, the interest in the program increased steadily.

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In fact, from between the 5th season and the first one, it went from about five million viewers to 10 million viewers. It has given viewers a look at a lost era, as well as into the habits of the aristocrats, and how social hierarchy worked.

The last season is set in the year 1925, right as places like Downton are starting to founder. It began its run set in 1912 with the news of the sinking of the famous ship the Titanic.

According to a former TV critic, the program showed that fortunes could be lost or gained, class lines could be broken, and that love could win over and over again, that it was a fantasy that got silly as it progressed longer and kept on going. Some viewers said it was getting to be more like a soap opera and that it is good that the program is ending on a high note with the characters going through changes that reflect the times.

So, season six is a farewell to Downton Abbey as the program is entering its final season on PBS.