Seeing photos on the Facebook page of the popular Humans of New York, the actor started a charity auction, collectingthousands of dollars in less than a week for a refugee family.

There’s a seven-piece photo album on the social media site of the popular photoblog, which shows the members of a Syrian family whose house has been destroyed by a rocket. The photos generated thousands of comments on Facebook, one of them was written by the American President, Barack Obamahimself.

He welcomed the family of a father and his two children who are planning to settle in Michigan State with very nice words.The Syrian man was working on a project outside their hometown when the authorities shot their house, killing seven members of his family: his wife and one of his daughters as well, whose bodies were brought out of the ruined house by his 14-year-old son.

The surviving family members escaped to Istanbul, where they lived under terrible circumstances.

Moreover, the father was diagnosed with cancer (he thinks it’s because of the hardships), so he needs an expensive treatment. It has turned out, that they can settle down in the city of Troy in Michigan State – where they have to start a new life from nothing. But the post of Humans of New York was so touching that half a million dollar has been collected so far in order to support the family. One of the main supporters is Edward Norton, according to whom, he was touched by the refugees’ story so much that he founded a charity which had already collected $350,000 that week.

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“If we don’t welcome these people in our community appropriately, and don’t encourage them to start a new life, then we are not the country that we say. Deny those cruel voices that say we should be afraid of the refugees, and let’s show this man and his family what Americans are really like” – Norton wrote, who supports several other causes through the charity website CrowdRise (of which he is founder).

In spite of the protest of the Republican opposition, Obama’s government has accepted more than 1800 Syrian refugees since October 2014 (mostly in the states of California, Texas, and Michigan). They are planning to welcome an additional ten thousand in the coming year.

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