Lewis Hamilton just earned his third Formula One World Championship, but as has frequently been the case of late, all is not necessarily well between the Briton and his German teammate Nico Rosberg. During a Thursday interview with BBC Radio, the 30-year-old British driver made some controversial --though not surprising, given his whimsical personality-- remarks about his most recent races. 

Driving with the holidays in mind

Lewis Hamilton is a party boy. He just can't help it.

But his victories don't fall from the sky or arise from pure luck. Not at all. During the competition, Hamilton is just as dedicated and focused as his meticulous German colleague.


However, his friendship with Nico Rosberg has long lagged behind, and the problem between them is their shared will to win, which pits them against each other during every race.

"We're never going to be best friends, but we somehow make it work," Hamilton said to BBC Radio, about Rosberg, though he also asserted that their "relationship isn't really causing any problems."

Despite his competitive spirit, Hamilton does not deny that he's been looking toward the holidays for weeks, adding that he didn't put so much in the last three races, which were all won by Rosberg, his primary rival during recent years. 

"You still have to commit and work super-hard, but, for sure you're kind of like 'My job's done, I wish the season was over, wish I could go on holiday,'" he told the BBC. The controversial statements seem to devalue Rosberg's victories in said-races, and may suggest that had Hamilton been operating at full-throttle, he could have defeated his teammate.

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From World Champion to sales champion? 

Hamilton may be a world champion racer, but he has other passions. His seven-year relationship with Nicole Scherzinger ended earlier this year, leaving Hamilton with "much love" for his ex, and also a passion for music.

"I've worked on it a lot this year, I have a lot of music stuff that's actually ready," the driver said, as he revealed he works on music even during the race weekends. "We'll be recording until one AM in the morning, then I get up and I'll be driving the next day. It's crazy."