According to the production studio’s announcement, production has already begun, and the movie will be released in the Japanese cinemas in June 2016.

In the joint production of the two movies The Ring (1998) and Ju-on: the Grudge (2002)-- both of which have Hollywood remakes--Sadako vs Kayako, most likely two frightening ghost women will fight with each other, while the story’s other additional characters will probably die around them.

Originally, the idea was only meant to be an April Fool’s Day prank, but Kadokawa and the producers of NBC Universal Japan liked the brave idea and started to complete the project. The good News in relation to Sadako and Kayako is that the director of the production about the two frightening creatures will be Kôji Shiraishi (whose horror in 2009 was so extremely frightful that it was banned in Great Britain).

British Board of Film Classification, the institution which decides the age ratings of movies, was simply unwilling to classify this movie into any categories.

The original 1998 version of The Ring wasn’t unbelievably successful just commercially, but it had a great effect on film production as well. It started a real wave of remakes of Japanese horrors with a lot of continuations. The American version of The Ring was released in 2002 starring Naomi Watts, its next episode debuted in 2005, and the premier of the third sequel titled Rings will be next April.

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There was a remake titled The Grudge based on Ju-on: the Grudge in 2004 with Sarah Michelle Gellar in the main role which has also become a trilogy with two more sequels in 2006 and 2009. (The audience could know the name of the American actress and producer from the series Buffy the Vampire Slayer and the movie Cruel Intentions).

There have been other horror team-ups, if you will in American cinema, notably Freddy VS Jason in 2003, but it'll be interesting to see two classic Japanese horror characters in one film, as well as just what the directors have in store for viewers as the project moves forth toward completion.

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