Star Wars star Carrie Fisher, 59, who plays character Luke’s sister Leia, has been fighting back against the body and age critics that have tried to shame her for getting older and gaining weight since the original Star Wars movie came out in 1977. It appears some fans think she should have stayed in that golden bikini phase of her life, even though everyone gets older in real life.

Speaking out on social media, Carrie Fisher commented about how everyone on the Internet seemed to be going crazy over a photo of Harrison Ford, 73, that showed him shirtless and saying he was still very doable on any planet, while she has been shamed by body and age critics.

Using her usual class and wit Carrie Fisher blasts back

Fischer appeared on Good Morning American this month and was asked if she had to be persuaded to be on the latest Star Wars: The Force Awakens.


She is said to have answered the question by saying that people don’t have to ask if you want to work at that age. She also talked about the subject on her Twitter page.

Fisher showed how the body and age critics were springing up after she retweeted a posting on Tumblr that talked about how people tend to say how great or cool Mark Hamill or Harrison Ford are now, but seem to always add that Carrie Fisher didn’t age well.

Fans, others argue on how well Fisher has aged over time

However, the same posting replied to that by saying that Fischer is still gorgeous, amazing and that just because you can’t fantasize about her getting back into that bikini slave outfit doesn’t mean she isn’t still as great as the male costars are.

Carrie told them all to stop debating about whether or not she had aged well because it hurts her feelings.

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She said her body hadn’t aged as well as she had, and added, “Blow us.” She then retweeted a post from another woman who said that men don’t age better than women do, they are just allowed to age.

It seems that current culture sees grey hair and other changes in older men as being more sexually mature, but sees the same things as signs women are not so sexy. So, when someone like Fisher speaks up and doesn’t agree with it, it tends to rile up fans and others, but Carrie Fisher is fighting back at the body and age critics and is telling fans to stop debating it, because there is nothing to debate, and that there is no better version of her than the great, outspoken woman she is today. free to use, share or modify even commercially, Wikipedia,

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