Jaime Camil is best known for his role as Rogelio de la Vega in the award-winning Jane the Virgin. In the hit show Mexican-born Camil plays the over-the-top telenovela star who discovers he is the biological father of Jane (from the title). We caught up with him to discuss international stardom, voice actors and cross dressing!

So after filming so many movies and telenovelas, isJane the Virgina welcome break or is it even harder work?

Actually I’ve done way more movies than telenovelas and the telenovelas I’ve done are more comedic, so I guess you’d technically call them ‘sitcoms’.

I adore Jane the Virgin! We get to honor the telenovela genre and have fun with it at the same time and, even though it sometimes plays in the ‘telenovela world’, it has a more series-like tone. We’re very privileged to be working in a beautiful show surrounded by beautiful people so I’d never consider it ‘hard work’ being in a show full of light and creativity.

Your character Rogelio de la Vega and you are both Latin Americans making it big in the US and captivating fans all over the planet. Are there any other similarities between the two of you, like a fear of heights, crazy ex-wife or maybe a mortal rival, that we should know about?


Thank you for the ‘captivating fans all over the planet’ part! Such a Rogelio thing to say ;-)) No, I don’t think there are other similarities with my character and myself. Perhaps the immense love we both have for our daughter and our family (I have a four-year-old daughter and a one-year-old son).

As a polyglot with dual citizenship do you have any special traveling experience that you can share with us? And do you have any tips for those seeking to learn new languages?

I love to travel, it has become a more challenging task now that my wife and I have two kids, but we manage.

Definitely visit Mexico! Don’t get discouraged by the bad press we sometimes get. Mexico has wonderful beaches and magical cities and yes, once you’re there, it’ll help you learn the language ;-)

So considering you have such a successful international career, do you have a favorite voice actor for your characters?

The guy that dubs me in Brazil is AMAZING! Even though I’m half Brazilian and I speak the language he has dubbed me in every single project I’ve done for that market so he’s a familiar voice for Brazilians.

He really gets my tone and comic timing. And, as you can imagine, I dub myself for Latin America, which is kind of surreal and funny.

You played a woman in Por Ella Soy Eva. How challenging was this role and did the research and preparation for the character change you in any way?

It was a beautiful and creative process to be able to portray a woman on screen – very few male actors have had the privilege of playing a woman and, as challenging and demanding as it is, it’s just extremely satisfying as an actor. My amazing director Benjamin Cann and myself did extensive research and the preparation for it was a lengthy one, but the results were overwhelmingly rewarding and positive.

A few years ago it was you asking the questions in El Show de Jaime Camil. Who was your favorite person to interview?

Ha! You’ve done your homework! ;-) I truly don’t remember. I was very young, very inexperienced, and verynervous so most of the time I was flying by the seat of my pants.

You are generally thought of as a very hands-on man – directing, producing, acting, choosing soundtracks, etc. When Rogelio attempted something similar he met the exact opposite result. So, what advice could you offer him? Where did he fail with Hombres Locos?

Thank you for your kind words. I think that Rogelio is a bit air-headed!

Well-intentioned but kind of lost. I think that everything was wrong with Hombres Locos and, at the same time, IT WAS brilliant! Hahaha.

Rogelio once said: “Nothing is more important than family to me”. Is this a view that you share with him?

Indeed! I adore my family, my wife, my kids and they will alwaysbe #1.

Rogelio is a true breakout character. Is there any talk of a spin-off series, short-film or movie?

You never know what’s going to happen... hopefully! Who knows! For now I’m just grateful to be in an amazing multi-awarded critically acclaimed show and in the list of employed actors in LA, which is a very privileged list to be in!

Thank God the audience and critics like my character and I will continue to play it with heart and sincerity.

And finally, if you met a genie who could grant you three wishes, what would they be?

Health and well-being for my family, health and well-being for my family and health and well-being for my family :-)

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