On a special edition of 'Running Wild With Bear Grylls' President Barack Obama got close with nature on the Reality TV show with Bear Grylls in order to promote awareness of climate change. It aired in the US on Thursday December 17. The focus of this episode was survival tactics and environment issues.

The two took their journey to the Alaskan wilderness where they shared salmon, tea, berries, water, and stories of fatherhood. With them came a food taster, a helicopter with snipers, and Secret Service agents to protect the President at all times.

In order to bring awareness to the drastic climate change the two stepped on a shrinking glacier.

They also talked to villagers about the dangers of living near an eroding shoreline. Another topic of course, was food options, featuring advice from local fisherman.

Throughout the episode emotion is invoked in Obama as he brings awareness to these issues. With knowledge from Grylls, and ambition in Obama, strong empathy will build in viewers. The president also reveals his humor, which helps attract his followers.

A good side of his humor showed when Grylls made salmon and after tasting it Obama said he's a "mediocre cook."

A real heart-warming moment was during the sneak peaks when he was kind enough to sign a bottle opener for Grylls' wife -- a bottle opener of him in Hawaiian swim trunks.

Grylls did admit that helooked shaken up when bringing over that salmon carcass; "the President looked a little surprised."

This episode was filmed all the way back in September, during the peak of the Obama administration's push for recognition of his climate change policy and the impact of global warming.

Thisappearance should have a major effect onGrylls' show and environment issues,thanks toObama's awareness -and it raises the bar for the next president, because Obama is the first sitting president to visit the Alaskan Arctic.

After hearing the White House pitch the episode idea to him, Grylls said,"I thought it was a spoof." During filming he said, "I had to pinch myself and think, actually, this is the president of America."

Overall, Obama wanted to raise awareness on climate change, and Grylls wanted to "put a smile on his face that lasted a while."

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