With Netflix remaining the industry leader in online streaming, other services have made the necessary business moves to compete with it and stay relevant in the battle of streaming supremacy. With Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu all adding to their catalog of original programming in 2015, its been a big year in the world of online streaming. While perennial premium networks like HBO and Showtime still hold sway with flagship series like Game of Thrones and Homeland, the gap between traditional cable and online streaming has narrowed considerably in recent years (with both Netflix and Amazon receiving both nods and nominations at this year's Emmy's).

While Netflix is busy cranking out its newest venture of street-level Marvel superhero gritty noir a la Daredevil (and most recently Jessica Jones), and Amazon has been occupied with Hand of God and Bosch, Amazon has also made it possible to add premium networks like Showtime and Starz to your existing Amazon Prime package for an additional monthly fee.

With prices ranging from $3.99 -- $8.99 monthly, the selection runs the gamut from the above mentioned premium networks to Indie film networks, documentaries, and more. For those that are looking to completely cut the cord of traditional cable TV, this newly minted offering is a great alternative. With the ever increasing number of viewers catching up on their favorite shows online, on their phones, tablets, and other devices, these options truly free up the viewer to watch whatever, wherever, and whenever he or she chooses, and that freedom and versatility of choice is what really sets the streaming revolution apart from anything we've seen in the last 15-20 years.

With a Kindle lending library, music streaming, TV/Movie streaming, and no minimum fee on purchases to qualify for free shipping already a part of the Amazon Prime package and experience, this new add-on option of premium network streaming is definitely the next phase in the streaming revolution, and, with industry heavy-hitters like Netflix and Hulu competing alongside Amazon to improve programming and the overall viewer experience, it's the viewers that truly benefit from this.

This is the binge-watching, "Netflix and Chill" era, and, with numerous original programs slated for release in the coming years across all major platforms, we're currently in the midst of online streaming's Golden Era.

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