Daisy Ridley, the actress impersonating Rey, and John Boyega, whose character is Finn, revealed that they had called each other by different nicknames and got to know each other’s silly habits. The 23-year-old actress and actor facing world fame talked with pleasure about each other and about how they felt shortly before the premier coming in December.

Before he was chosen for Finn’s role, Boyega tried to establish his career in Hollywood. “I thought I would get a role in a series or in a smaller movie, and then my things will get right slowly,” the actor said, who doesn’t mind that his career didn’t develop according to his plans.

According to Boyega, Finn’s character is really exciting; he liked him immediately, because he is a complex and troublesome hero whom we wouldn’t imagine as a character in a Star Wars movie.

Lately the whole world could have seen Boyega’s amazing reaction when he watched the trailer of The Force Awakens for the first time. The actor also told what a surrealistic experience it was to see himself in such a huge production. “It’s insane that I can be a part of such a big and popular production,” he said.

The actor liked hanging out with the stars of the earlier Star Wars movies and listening to their stories. But he spent most of his time with Daisy Ridley impersonating Rey. Ridley wasn’t as big of a fan of Star Wars as her partner, and she had gone through a lot of rejections by the time she got Rey’s role. The actress felt that she would get the role only at the last casting. She exercised a lot and was on a diet in order to gain muscles.

The young and beautiful girl thinks that she resembles Rey in many aspects, who is a “strong, clever and brave girl, and even though she is afraid, she dares to face her fate.”

The Hollywood Reporter asked them to talk about each other, and they both remember the time spent together with humor love. As it turned out, after a while they called each other Peanut. Boyega was joking on Daisy’s high forehead during the shooting breaks, and adored that Ridley was continuously singing if she was in a good mood.

And Ridley liked that in her partner that he could imitate Harrison Ford and Pinocchio from Shrek, and that he was fond of the Lion King. Some more interesting details: Boyega has six lightsabers at home, and Ridley studies psychology and can knit very well.

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