We are back with the show that continues to keep us on the edge with the Glenn's ‘’death," is episode six of the season and we still haven’t figured out the fate of one of the show's most beloved characters.

At least on this new episode we get to hang out with Daryl, Abraham and Sasha. Hey, two out of three is great for the episode. (At this point I still cannot stand Sasha and her whole damagedattitude.)

Daryl continues riding his bike and looking fearless as alwayswhile a Jeep chases him while Abraham and Sasha’s car is completely totaled, forcing them to stay and survive

In the woods Daryl is surrounded by a huge after-fire scener with everything around him being severely burned and this gives us some pretty cool burned-out zombies including one in a motorcycle helmet.

During this walk in the woods Daryl meets two women and you know that there is going to be trouble. (Why can’t we just be nice and give Daryl some happy time?)

Suddenly a third member knocks Daryl out. The guy ties Daryl's hands and threatens him at gunpoint if he continues to speak.

We haven’t seen Daryl in weeks and now he can’t talk. Come on!!!

The group keeps Daryl hostage as they look for a friend named Patty (nobody cares). They soon approach a garage where she should have been but is filled with walkers.

Daryl manages to use this distraction; he picks up their pack and flees, escaping gunfire. He finds and kills a walker and while looking in the pack he finds a case full of insulin. (Oh please don't Daryl.)

Daryl continues to be my favorite character of the show in making both a really honorable and stupid decision as he returns to the group to give the insulin to the younger woman.

Then a man whose face is never shown steps out, telling them it’s time to come back andrepay what they took, Daryl and the rest manage to stay away from this group who certainly look dangerous.

Daryl manages to trick one of the guys in the group as he gets bitten by a walker but is quickly saved by getting his arm cut. (I wonder why we don't get to see this bloody scene on camera.)

The group and Daryl move up and find a burned down house and, luckily for us viewers, we get rid of one of the annoying women as one of the burned walkers spring to life and bites her in the neck to death.

The group buries their friend and Daryl tells them about Alexandria -- he really is such a great guy.

I seriously want him to find peace at the end of the show and just be happy.

Nice Daryllowers his guard and is betrayed and held at gunpoint for all he has, including his crossbow. The pair rob him of his bike as well, leaving him with some supplies to patch himself up.

This is seriously messed-up, how can they leave Daryl without his motorcycle and bow, he seems naked without them -- and not in the good way.

Luckily Daryl manages to find an abandoned truck and goes to rescue Sasha and Abraham.

During this whole time Sasha was busy being Sasha downer as always, and Abraham manages to find some pretty great weapons, rounds of RPG ammo and some cigars.

For a moment there i seriously thought Abraham was gonna fall to death with the hanging walker, Luckily that wasn't the case.

Once in the truck with Daryl, the trio hears a distress call on the radio, a voice croaking out “Help.”

Could it be Glenn???

Actor Norman Reedus was interviewed and said that this voice wasn't Glenn. Do we believe him?

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