It appears that John Constantine (Matt Ryan) has had a more lasting influence than people had expected from the character.

We all know that Sara Lance (Caity Lotz) was resurrected via the Lazarus Pit and Constantine helped retrieve her soul. However, the Constantine Twist is the fact that Arrow had met him, all trench coat-clad and magic-wielding, in the past while on Lian Yu.

Oliver (Arrow) is shown to have had magical experiences in the past, as evident in a mysterious tattoo he carries and Constantine’s promise of its use in the future. It wasn’t a far throw, then, for Constantine to find his magic working for the entire season, as Oliver begins his actual experiences of magic, all thanks to Baron Reiter (Jimmy Akingbola) and his hidden agenda.

Diggle, on the other hand, is devastated upon learning that his brother was taken out by the HIVE, owing to shady dealings in Afghanistan. As with Thea and Oliver, Diggle’s impression of his late brother and the aura he left of a war hero, a family man are all challenged at the same time, while the living hero ponders how many of these happenings were actually his brother’s fault, or were they at all?

Thea as a character seems to have evolved in all ways, as she has gone through so much and so many feelings. She suffered the same blood lust that Sra exhibits later in the season, a kind of a churning due to the changing nature of all the relationships around her. Similarly, she also experienced the soul-searching that Diggle goes through, following the death of the person Oliver, her brother, as well as the death of the image she carried of him in her mind, affectionate, playful, etc.

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Meanwhile, Sara is shown to suffer from the Bloodlust expected, post a journey through the Lazarus Pit, as she struggles with it far more violently than Thea had.

And Felicity continues to remain totally in love with Oliver even though it doesn’t actually amount to anything in as far as their working relationship goes. Still, that does not make a hole in her relationship with Ray, where she is shown to be in a good place as both friend and colleague.