One Direction is prepared to take a break in their musical careers. But despite many rumors, the band revealed that none of the singers are considering the possibility of recording a solo album, nor even trying a solo career, during the split. The pause will be even for resting and they're not thinking about the chance to come into the studio soon again. In an interview with London Radio 2, after the release of fifth album, "Made in The AM," on Friday, the boys proved to be very pleased with the new album and very relieved with the pause that is coming. 

After their participation in the "X Factor" UK in 2010, where they qualified in third position, One Direction hasn't stopped again.


Over the past five years, the boys have released five albums, and they lived the tremendous success of being the most famous boys-band in the world. Physically exhausting, the emotional part began to present in early 2015 with Zayn Malik undoing the fabulous quintet by leaving the band. This is also why the break has been so desired.

"I think we all just want some breathing space for now and the idea of that is pretty exciting, not to have any specific schedule or plans", said Luis Tomlinson about the two-years break they are considering.


No bad blood between One Direction and Justin Bieber

One Direction released their fifth album "Made In The AM" on the same day that Justin Bieber had released "Purpose." However, Niall Horan doesn't think it's a "big deal" that the dates coincided, and he assured in an interview with Digital Spy, there is no rivalry between the British band and the Canadian singer. "If anything it's good for pop culture that something like this is going to happen.

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There's no fighting involved at all", Niall Horan said

Justin Bieber revealed earlier that he didn't agree with One Direction's strategy of releasing their album on the same day he did. But for now, the Canadian pop star is leading the iTunes chart, since "Purpose" has been released. According to Spotify data, the results between the two pop albums are too close to call.

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