The youngest daughter from the Kardashian-Jenner clan made an appearance on the Ellen DeGeneres’ show this week where she was asked about her relationship status. Ellen pressed on for the details so Kylie could talk a bit more, but the reality show's star only went further to say that she likes “hanging out” and “living life” with Tyga. She eventually explained that she is lucky enough to start her relationship with Tyga as friends and considers the rapper her “best friend”. Ellen then went on to talk about the very expensive Ferrari Kylie received for her 18th birthday from Tyga to which Kylie replied she drove on her way to Ellen’s show.

The host-comedienne joked again that Tyga must be a “keeper” since he was able to give an expensive car to Kylie.

This interview from Ellen is a clear contrast to the news that circulated around the globe last week. Last week, news hit the Internet that Kylie broke up with Tyga and was “fuming at him” for something that “Tyga did”. The Keeping up with the Kardashian reality show star was even absent at the rapper’s 26th birthday bash at the Nice Guy restaurant in West Hollywood. Tyga and his close pals moved to the 1Oak to turn the party level up, but Kylie was still “missing in action”. Fans then further speculated that the two must’ve broken up because Kylie is known to update her social media accounts of whatever she is doing, but a birthday message to her boyfriend was visibly absent.

A couple of days later and after Tyga uploaded a “diss track”, it seems that the pair has reconciled. Kylie shared a Snapchat of her and Tyga sitting beside each other, with the caption “Everyone needs to chill”. Another Snapchat was shared with a white cake adorned with lighted candles written with “Happy Birthday Tyga”, as Kylie can be heard singing the birthday song in the background.

On Sunday, the pair was spotted holding hands in public for the first time since breakup rumors went viral. Kylie wore a tight mini dress in white with plunging neckline and Tyga wore a blue unbuttoned suit and plain white shirt as they made their way to Scooter Braun’s post-AMAs party. Photos emerged where Tyga can be visibly seen “appreciating” Kylie’s famous curves from behind as she made her way inside the van.

Until this moment, the reason behind the “very short breakup” is still unknown. Some suggested Tyga “planned” to propose at his birthday bash and made Kylie upset. Whatever the real cause of the breakup news last week, it seems that there is no way for us to know as the pair seems to be back to their loved up relationship status.

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