Kristin Cavallari, 28, and Jay Cutler, 32, welcomed their first daughter, baby Saylor, on Monday, Nov. 23. They announced baby Saylor to the world via Instagram. The little girl was born at 1:32 PM and weighed seven pounds, six ounces. Her full name is to be Saylor James Cutler, which is an iconic and interesting choice that came from a strange source of inspiration, says Cavallari.

Announcement of girl made in July

The somewhat odd-sounding name was actually inspired by the name of a woman’s dog, says Cavallari, as they met her prior to having Saylor and thought it was a great choice for a girl’s name.

Cavallari, a television personality from Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County reality show, had told the world this past May that she and Cutler, a Chicago Bears quarterback, were expecting their third child, and was excited to find out that it would be a little girl in July. At the time, she put up a picture of her and Cutler holding some tiny pink shoes to symbolize baby Saylor.

Cutler said to have good dad skills with Baby Saylor

The couple were married in June 2013 in Nashville, and already have two children: boys, Camden who is two-years old; and Jaxon, who is 18-months old.

Now, they are thrilled to be parents of a daughter, and Cutler is said to be a good partner in helping to take care of the new baby.

Cavallari says he not only helps to take care of the new baby, he also helps by cleaning the kitchen or making dinner. Plus, their boys seem happy as well to have a little sister around, says Cavallari. Cavallari added that having kids has changed her in a lot of ways and says she owes a lot to her children.

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She said that having a little girl around the house will help the boys to grow up around a sister and learn how to respect women. She added that all of her pregnancies had been pretty easy, and that she didn’t get sick or throw up at all with Saylor.

Cavallari is also writing a new book, entitled Balancing in Heels, and the book is scheduled to come out in March. The couple say that once Cutler retires from playing in professional Football, they plan to live in Nashville, Tennessee, permanently.

He has been a football player since 2009.

All in all, the little family is now happily caring for the newest addition to the Cutler family, little baby Saylor James Cutler.

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