Straight and outspoken as usual. Khloe Kardashian exchanged accusations with some followers on Twitter, who blamed her for being married to Lamar Odom and continuing to date NBA star James Harden. A follower went further and said she should support Lamar "in sickness and in health," as the wedding vows she exchanged with former Basketball player, orders. Khloe had to remindr them that Lamar was the one to betray all the wedding vows first.

Khloe stopped the divorce proceedings when Lamar Odom fell into a coma last October. The beautiful Kardashian has been very present beside her still-husband and former NBA star, actions that have already earned brought her some bad criticisms. Some people slammed her for being by his side just for self-promotion and that she might be takingadvantage of the misfortune of the her estranged husband for publicity.

Khloe is promoting the new book "Strong Is Better Naked" and she went to the Ellen DeGeneres TV show, on Monday, where she joked about being a polygamist, as she continues to be married and she's dating James Harden. After the show, some people criticized her because she didn't appear bothered with this love triangle.

Khloe gets sick in Lamar's room

Reportedly, Khloe got sick after catching an infection during a visit to Lamar Odom. Because of this, she had to postpone a presentation of her book and she also missed James' game on Wednesday night. She missed, but he didn't, as he scored 45 points in the Hornets's victory over the Brooklyn Nets (116-111). She praised that on Twitter and the answers she received were mean.

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"You gotta choose one," "For better or worse, sickness and health, till death do them part. I'm with you, she needs to pick one of the other," two followers pointed at Khloe. The response was swift, as Khloe and put the "haters" in place: "You should have said those to the man who went against all our vows. Judge yourself".

Khloe accused Lamar again of infidelity, reaffirming that "divorce is to go forward," leaving Lamar in her past.

NBA star James Harden is increasingly the future of the beautiful Kardashian.

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