Justin Bieber was supposed to make an appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert on Tuesday, but the singer contacted the show and cancelled only a few hours prior to the scheduled show appearance. While not actually giving the reason for not being able to show up for the show, Justin Bieber apologized to Colbert and said that he looked forward to making it up to him very soon.

The singer heart throb was scheduled to plug his new album, Purpose, and would have appeared on the show along with director Spike Lee, and singer Carly Simon, who are both still scheduled to appear on the Late Show docket. Late Show host Stephen Colbert has yet to make his answer to Bieber’s apology public.

Justin Bieber breaks Billboard record

Justin Bieber is also in the news for breaking a Billboard Hot 100 record, which had been held by The Beatles, for the most songs appearing on the top 100 charts. Bieber had 17 songs show up on the December 5th Hot 100, making him the singer with the most titles ever to appear on the chart in one week. The previous record was 14 titles by the Beatles on April 11, 1964, and that singer Drake also earned during the March 7 and October 17 totals in 2015.

Bieber madeother apologies this year

This isn’t the first time the Sorry singer has had to apologize this month, as he also had to tell UFC champion Ronda Rousey he was sorry for badmouthing her sister. He had to make his mea culpas at a concert earlier this year when he left the stage in Oslo, Norway, after singing only one song and later apologized to fans who attended the show.

Additionally, besides cancelling his scheduled appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Bieber also won’t be headlining this year’s Thanksgiving parade, as he was scheduled to do, as he also cancelled that.

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He was to tape his performance after appearing on the Late Show. Even so, that show will go on without Bieber and will be hosted by Kevin Fraiser from Entertainment Tonight. The show is expected to feature performances by the Broadway shows Jersey Boys and Beautiful: The Carole King Musical.

There has been no official reason given for the cancellations, but TMZ states it is due to “personal issues.” it would appear that Justin Bieber is having to make one of many apologies so far in 2015.

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