Since announcing the decision to divorce a couple of months ago, Gavin Rossdale and Gwen Stefani kept mum about the reason behind the split. The famous ex-couple who were married for 13 years went on with their lives after the shocking announcement. They proceeded quietly, settling their divorce arrangements pretty quickly. Unlike other famous celebrities who experience major drama to come to an agreement, these two seemed to have a pretty amicable separation.

Fans were totally left in the dark about what caused the celebrity couple to split. Months before announcing the decision to part ways, Gwen Stefani even had an interview where she was totally “giddy” and “gushing” over her ex-husband, Gavin.

It makes one wonder what went wrong for these two?

After months of staying quiet on the reason behind the split, News started to surface that Gavin apparently cheated on Gwen. According to the reports, Gwen discovered that Gavin was in a 3-year affair with their Australian nanny, Mindy Mann. Reports claim that Gwen discovered the affair because she saw text messages and nude photos of Mindy in their family's iPad. Some reports suggested that it was another nanny who told Gwen about the affair and confronted Gavin about it.

Gwen was apparently livid and embarrassed when Gavin admitted to the allegations. Some sources claimed that Gwen’s life fell apart when she realized it was the end of her marriage.

Being Catholic, she never believed in divorce, but the affair was something that she could not let pass by. Sources claimed that Gwen felt betrayed especially because it involved a person she trusted to take care of her kids. To add further to the accusations, sources also claimed that the affair went on even when Gwen was pregnant with the ex-couple's third son, Apollo.

How difficult it must have been for Gwen to know these things happened within her territory.

Mindy came into the family's lives initially as a “temp” to take care of the ex-couples’ sons. Since news about the alleged affair spread on the Internet, some people are quick to point out how the nanny was a “Gwen wannabe”.

There are websites that posted photos showing the comparison about how Mann seemed to “copy” her stylish and chic boss’ style. Sources claimed that Gwen also took notice of it and found the entire thing “weird.” There were people close to the nanny who claimed that Mindy was “obsessed” to have the same things Gwen had. The nanny was apparently trying to be like Gwen – copy her hairstyle, buy the same bag or clothes.

Do you think Gavin would really get into an adulterous relationship with a “copycat” when he had the original Gwen? So far, Gavin hasn’t spoken publicly about these allegations – but voiced out that he found the “timing dubious” when Gwen seemed too “cozy with” her The Voice co-mentor, Blake Shelton, easily.

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