At the twenty-fifth anniversary of the movie, Daniel Stern, who impersonated Marv, the skinny one of the burglars fighting Kevin, spoketo The Hollywood Reporter magazine about the shooting and what it felt like to see the sudden stardom pressuring the young Macaulay Culkin.

While reading the screenplay, I burst out laughing several times, and I liked the story so much that I put my heart and soul into my work because I wanted it to be a great movie” – Stern said, who was repeatedly injured during the fights but was proud of the scars.

The actor was injured so badly that he even bled when he pushed his head through the dog door into the McCallister-house.

“I had to push my head really fast, and I cut my oversized nose with a pile” – Stern remembered, and according to him, the funniest trick against burglars is placing Christmas ball ornaments under the window.

“I knew they weren’t real glass spheres, but they seemed so real and walking on them was very funny” – the actor said, but even watching Marv stumbling on them was painful enough.

But the actor had problems with the huge tarantula as the producers decided to use a real spider for the sake of authenticity. “They kept on saying how peaceful it was but I told them repeatedly to remove its sting before it would be thrown at my face.”

But it turned out that it would kill the animal which information disturbed the staff more than the possibility of the spider bite.

Thanks to this, Marv’s blood-curdling scream under the tarantula was totally authentic. However, the actor was afraid that the spider – not having auditory organs – could bite him.

The fans of Home Alone are thankful for Stern’s trouble and they are always happy for him. “This movie has changed my life. It connected those people to me who saw the movie and they feel like they know me and talk about their childhood memories to me. I heard a lot of stories about their Christmas holidays, which scene they laughed at the most, and now they watch the movie together with their children at Christmas.”

Stern hasn’t met the already 35-year-old Macaulay Culkin for years, who impersonated Kevin, whom he respects and finds a good actor.

„I hope one day he will return to Hollywood, I think he is very talented. But I wouldn’t blame him if he stayed away permanently” – the actor said. He could see how much pressure stardom put on the 10-year-old little boy after the film’s premiere.

“As a child actor it’s very difficult to manage this excessive attention.

This is a dangerous world for children. If they are successful, this craziness starts around them, and if they don’t make a hit, it ruins their self-esteem” – Stern philosophized.

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