Gwyneth Paltrow, 43, and Chris Martin, 38, appear to believe that families should spend time together even if they are divorced, as the two were having a Thanksgiving reunion. Instagram images show the former married couple appearing to be getting along well, which bodes well for their two children, Apple, 11 and Moses, 9, which they co-parent after being divorced.

The couple posted photos of a group picture of them, their children and other family members showing their Thanksgiving reunion and wished everyone a Happy Thanksgiving Day.

Paltrow says divorce has been hard, as well as challenging

Regarding their divorce, Paltrow has told reporters that she has had a hard time of it and that it has been challenging, plus she had to rethink how she felt about the situation and how it now defined her as a person. She added, however, that Martin is a great father to the children and she was glad for that fact. She added that he was a good ex-husband as well, and they were still close in some ways.

This is the first that the formerly married couple has been in a photo together since they got divorced. In fact, their children are also rarely seen in photos so it was surprising that the two kids were in the Thanksgiving reunion shot, so this excited fans who don’t get to see their kids very often.

Thanksgiving reunion also included an earlier dinner

Additionally, another showing that the two are trying to remain cordial to each other was the fact that Martin and Paltrow were noticed eating at a high-class restaurant called The Lion, which is in New York City, a few days prior to Thanksgiving.

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They were having dinner with their kids, along with Paltrow’s mother and brother.

Exes are dating others since divorce

The two say they have moved on to seeing other people after the divorce in March 2014. Paltrow has been dating Brad Falchuck, who is the co-creator of American Horror Story, while Martin was seen on dates with actress Jennifer Lawrence, as well as seen dating Annabelle Wallis.

However, holidays seem to bring out the best in people, including Paltrow and Martin, and regarding the Thanksgiving reunion, the two say they are doing their best to make something good out of a bad situation and will always be a family due to their children.

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