In 2013, when Fox announced that they were making a show named Gotham, many of the DC fans were excited. The network made a 16 episodes order (later turned into 22) for the first season, that was going to tell the story of James Gordon and Bruce Wayne’s first days in the Gotham City.

Now in the second year, we can say the show really kept its promises – but season 2 will be fairly different from the first one. For the beginning, the first season of the show was a good introduction to all characters but worked more as a crime scene show than anything, and this season will finally focus on the big villains of the Batman franchise.

Bruno Heller, executive producer of the show, guarantees that everything is going to get a little chaotic as more people learn about their powers and don’t feel obligate to use it “the right way.”

From what we know, the season will start off focusing on The Joker’s history. While we still don’t know if Monovan is really the villain, we can expect him to be in more than one episode this year. The Joker is not the only villain showing up in Gotham City: Clayface, The Mad Hatter, Mr. Freeze and Tigress are all appearing this season. We can also expect a new heroes to show off – and hopefully inspire 14-year-old Batman.

Another storyline that’s definetly happening this season is the exploration of Bruce Wayne’s dual personality plot. Bruce will also team up with Alfred to try to take the bad guys off the city.

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The latest cast news is that Michael Chiklis is joining the show portraying Capt. Nathaniel Barnes, a former Marine trying to turn his department around. According to Heller, “Barnes never breaks the law for any reason — otherwise you’re just a criminal. Gordon is on the fence between that attitude and what he has learned in Gotham, which is a much rougher and ready brand of justice."

With all the new characters coming up, it’s no surprise some are leaving. Jada Pinkett Smith, who played Fish Mooney, is officially leaving the cast this year, as stated in the season 1 finale.